Kenny “Buttons” Camacho had the New York’s hip hop scene buzzing after winning a series of producer showcases with his heavy hitting ’East Coast’ sounding records. His unique drum programming, skillfully incorporated vocal shouts and catchy hooks have sparked interest amongst the industry executives as well as the artists, most recently Haddy Racks, Tito Montana and Fred the Godson.

Buttons’ style is quite versatile, ranging from power ballads to boom bap inspired knockers. His tracks often feature strong melodic themes and compelling drum patterns but his artistry really gets to shine through his haunting choruses and masterfully arranged vocals.


Songwriting and singing is a second nature to this Bronx bread producer. Before diving deeper into music production, Buttons gained recognition as a singer, being signed to Turn Style Atlantic Records with the group “La Mores” at the peek of his artist career. Over the years, Camacho performed in venues like Madison Square Garden and Dutchess Stadium, opening for acts such as Lisa Lisa, Fabulous, Angie Martinez and many others.

Buttons’ past and presence meet on his recent EP “Means to an End” which presents a refreshing fusion of current pop and classical ballads while exhibiting Camacho’s mastery as a producer, songwriter and an artist.